ZeroWater water filter heavy metals reduction laboratory results
The ZeroWater water filter out-performed all other water filters we tested, easily earning the top spot in terms of performance.

Astonishingly, ZeroWater removed 100% of several elements (Aluminum, Strontium and Cesium) while removing over 99% of everything else, including lead and arsenic.

This performance is virtually unheard of in water filtration technologies, regardless of the manufacturer.

The only drawback of ZeroWater filters is that they can quickly be "used up" if you try to filter high mineral content water through them such as well water. Because the ZeroWater ion exchange element binds with virtually ALL elements, its life will be reduced if you run high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water through it on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, because of its impressive performance, ZeroWater earns our choice as the single best countertop water filter to own for emergency use. It very effectively removes toxic heavy metals as well as elements with radioactive isotopes.

ZeroWater performs so well that we wish we offered it for sale, but we don't because it's already available everywhere at retail.

Actual results for the ZeroWater water filter:

Aluminum reduction: 100%

Copper reduction: 99.1%

Arsenic reduction: 99.3%

Strontium reduction: 100%

Cadmium reduction: 99.2%

Cesium reduction: 100%

Mercury reduction: 99.4%

Lead reduction: 99.2%

Uranium reduction: 99.1%

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