ProPur Water Filter with All-in-One Filter Elements
The ProPur Water Filter I tested showed several problems. From the start, the assembly could not be completed because the attachment screw in the lid knob was too short to attach the knob to the lid.

The first flush of the ProPur system using the standard filters produced a heightened lead level of 5405 ppb in the flush water. This was very surprising and was not observed in any other water filter. I proceeded to flush the ProPur unit a total of five times, monitoring the lead levels in the resulting water for each flush. Lead steadily reduced to 140 ppb by the 5th flush, indicating the importance of exhaustively flushing the filters many times before using them.

The test results of the ProPur with its original filters was quite poor, indicating relatively little ability for its standard filters to remove toxic elements. In addition, the standard filters also released Aluminum into the water, nearly doubling the Aluminum concentration in the filtered water.

The ProPur unit also introduced additional lead into the water, possibly from the metal alloy used in the spigot that dispenses the water.

Reduction of elements by the ProPur Water Filter (standard filters):

Aluminum: -91.8% (meaning Aluminum was increased rather than reduced)
Copper: 18.8%
Arsenic: 21.4%
Strontium: -33.9%
Cadmium: 13.7%
Cesium: 17.6%
Mercury: 99.8%
Lead: -26.5% (meaning Lead was increased rather than decreased)
Uranium: 21.5%

All-In-One-Filters Tested Separately

As the water filter testing was taking place for this report, the ProPur company introduced new "All-in-One" filters which were advertised as adding a fluoride reduction capability.

I purchased a set of the tall "All-in-One" filters from and tested the performance of those filters independently from the previous standard filters. This was necessary in order to compare more realistically with the Big Berkey filter which was tested with attached arsenic / fluoride filters.

The test results of the ProPur All-in-One filtration elements showed a significant improvement in filtration results over the ProPur standard filters. However, even the new All-in-One filters did not perform as well as Big Berkey or Zen Water Systems in our tests:

Reduction of elements by the ProPur Water Filter (All-in-One filters):

Aluminum: 61.3%
Copper: 92.4%
Arsenic: 61.6%
Strontium: 6.1%
Cadmium: 75.3%
Cesium: 20.2%
Mercury: 99.1%
Lead: 96.1%
Uranium: 91.5%

The new All-in-One filters seem to have solved the problems of both lead and aluminum being emitted into the filtered water by the previous standard filters. In addition, the new filters exhibited improved performance at removing arsenic by 61.6% and lead by 96.1%.


When it comes to reliable removal of toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and even uranium, the ProPur Water Filter can only be recommended when used with the newer "All-in-One" filters. Performance of the older standard filters, sold for many years including 2014, was surprisingly poor. Even the newer filters did not perform nearly as well as Big Berkey in our testing.

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