Quick summary of toxic heavy metals and elements with radioactive isotopes
Heavy metals are toxic to human biology, and radioactive isotopes can cause radiation poisoning from the inside of your body once swallowed:

Arsenic: A cancer-causing metal often found contaminating water wells.

Cadmium: A very toxic heavy metals that damages the heart and kidneys. Also causes hardening of the arteries.

Mercury: A very toxic element that's also very easy to filter out. Most filters successfully remove nearly all mercury.

Lead: A very toxic heavy metal linked to mental retardation, cancer and bone disorders. Lead is very commonly found in foods and pet treats manufactured in China.

Aluminum: a light metal linked to Alzheimer's and dementia. Widely found in many foods in "organic" forms and not considered harmful unless consumed in high concentrations of "inorganic" forms.

Copper: A necessary trace mineral nutrient in small doses, but quickly becomes toxic with high exposure. Can cause mental disorders and insanity. Most people get too much copper from copper water pipes and multivitamins.

Elements with radioactive isotopes:

Strontium: Radioactive isotopes of strontium can contaminate the landscape in the aftermath of a nuclear attack or nuclear disaster.

Cesium: The most deadly radioactive element in a nuclear disaster is cesium-137 with a half life of around 30 years. Cesium-137 falls on water supplies and contaminates drinking water.

Uranium: A byproduct of nuclear bombs and nuclear energy, uranium isotopes last millions of years and have contaminated the entire planet starting with the testing of atomic weapons in the 1940's.

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